Died Here, Buried There

Those who died in San Juan County, Colorado, but were buried elsewhere.

 Review by Mark Esper, editor of the Silverton Standard






Faces of the Flu

The 1918 flu epidemic in Silverton, Colorado






Death in the Snow

This volume concentrates on the astounding number of snowslide deaths in the Silverton area.






Where Daisies Nod

Another small volume of selected excerpts from The Story of Hillside.

Review of Where Daisies Nod by Jonathan Thompson of The Silverton Mountain Journal





Over My Dead Body

154 pages of selected excerpts from the more detailed Volumes 1 and 2 of The Story of Hillside Cemetery. An interesting quick trip into history, it depicts the colorful character of Silverton and its people.

Review of Over My Dead Body
by Kathryn Lively, Editor of ATHENA 1996




The Story of Hillside, Volume One

Volume 1 (see below)
Surnames beginning with letters A through L
478 pages
Burials 1872 – 1996




The Story of Hillside, Volume Two

Volume 2 (see below)
Surnames beginning with letters M through Z
440 pages
Burials 1872 – 1997
The two volumes of The Story of Hillside document burials in San Juan County, with detailed information on the life of each person. Events, names, dates, places, relatives, ancestors and descendants are profusely noted throughout the volumes.

The present compilation, based principally on tombstone data and exhaustive newspaper research, identifies more than 3,000 burials, as well as providing a wealth of historical biographical and genealogical details.

As you progress through these life stories, you will gradually find yourself being drawn into the life of each person as you learn of their experiences from birth to death … lives filled with accomplishment, happiness, hopelessness, disappointment, tragedy, quiet desperation and bitterness. Without realizing it, you will absorb the colorful history of the Silverton area and learn what it was like to live in a high country mining camp where life and the environment were extremely harsh and dangerous.